Yay, another blog post, and you thought Christmas only came once a year, well clearly you don’t know about that prostitute called “Christmas”.

So a Christmas themed blog post at this time of year, wow that’s original. Well I’m not exactly going to be talking about Easter am I? Speaking of which, did you know that purchases of rabbits is the highest at that time of year? Incidentally JD Sports and Footlocker both reported that customers are more likely to retain shoe boxes, when purchasing new footwear a month after Easter….strange.


So Christmas, eh? Eating, drinking, being merry, shouting, swearing and kicking Christmas Trees. That time of year when all of the above are acceptable and expected. Unless your an alcoholic or live in an alley, then it’s expected all year round.

PRESENTS! Yay! Everyone loves presents and so here’s my present to you….

THAT’S RIGHT! Just like in those long running sitcoms who run out of ideals and resort to clip episodes it’s…….. a lazy gift of a link to a 3 year old Blog Post I did about Christmas. ENJOY!


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