This is Sam. Sam currently has a mortgage and foolishly decided to buy a ticket to go Japan for two weeks. Sam doesn’t earn much money, he works 45 hours a week but it simply won’t be enough to fund his journey to the land of the rising sun. 

But all is not lost, you can help! With a donation of £100 each you can ensure that he can purchase that figurine of that random video game character that he’s always wanted but could never justify spending money on. Your £100 can be used to purchase Yen which will ensure Sam has an experience in Japan that many others simply can’t.

For a mere £100, Sam can visit a Love Hotel whilst in Japan. You can bring so much joy to this poor child’s life. When you donate, you’ll receive a special newsletter each day of his trip with a few pictures of his journey made possible by you. You’ll also receive a free bic brio.



Act now and for a limited time only we’ll throw in a 256mb USB Pen drive!

To donate please send all donations to this blog post via the comment section.

Together we can help Sam live out his dream trip to Japan to come back with ridiculous amounts of nerd culture memorabilia that’ll clog up his room and just basically collect dust.

Thank you.


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  1. zee says:

    Only if u I give me 1 jigga memory usb.. then okkay

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