Remember back when I hit my 10,000th Tweet and I made a blog post about it to celebrate the occasion? Why am I even asking I know you don’t, so click here to remind yourselves. Done? Finished cleaning up from wetting yourselves from laughter? You better drink some water to rehydrated after crying tears of joy and stuff. Done? Excellent, let’s continue.

So this post is to celebrate my 16,000th Tweet and to be all awesome and shit, this actual blog post will be my 16,000th Tweet yay! Now most of you reading this must be thinking, “FFS man get a life! YOLO!” and to you I say:

The sad fact of life is that usually when I’m at home, I’m glued to the chair in my room placed in front of my PC and TV, from there I become one with the chair and the internets. This is my life now. Luckily for you little munchkins you get to enjoy these wondrous blog posts.

There are occasions when I’ll venture out into the night to consume many units of alcohol. The last night out made for rather interesting stories that I can tell the children one day, not my children I have no intention of having children. Just random children that’ll no doubt gather around me when I eventually end up old and crazy sitting at the park shouting at squirrels… where was I going with this?

Ah! My last night out. We went to our local pub in good old Stratford East London called The Cow. Many the time me and my work mates have ventured to this establishment to partake in the consumption of fine ales and wines! On this very occasion of many we bore witness to a man being punched square in the face for being a bit of a drunken bother. After the initial shock of seeing someone put down on their arse, everything went back to normal. See:

Yep, I like how the blood matches my mate’s red Converses. Anyway on to less morbid themes, later on in the night when things were less punchy and bloody we were all conversing and naturally looking cool and totally not posing for pictures:


When my friend on the right there, was approached by a couple of ladies, one of which had taken quite the fancy to him. During the course of the conversation they had, he decided to mention me as his Manager, I came over and said something that probably confirmed this fact but in a way that rubbed the girl’s friend up the wrong way. As she proclaimed me to be arrogant! Now I can’t fully remember the context of the conversation due to a fair few ciders and jagerbombs. However the resulting conversation was one of intellect and surrealism.

She proclaimed that I sounded arrogant and that if I were single she’d understand why. I was in too much admiration of her burn to actually retort. We carried on back and forth using way too many long words for such a level of inebriation. Eventually I told her that she isn’t the only person who can sound like they read a thesaurus, taken aback by getting fact up, she changed her tune a litte and we somehow moved on another topic of conversation, however I’m hazy about the journey, so I’ll sum it up in the most accurate comic I can produce to explain how we went from arguing to where we ended up(You may have to click on the picture to see it in full):


So yeah nights out, crrrrrazy.

I guess the point of this whole blog post was to basically just kill time because I’m bored! Here’s what I tweeted for my 14,000th Tweet:


OK I’m bored. Till next time, keep on trucking and umm reach for the stars! OK Bye.




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