Penny Sweets, Connect 4, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, VHS tapes, Cassette tapes, Panda Pops, WHEN WALKER’S SALT AND VINEGAR WAS IN A BLUE PACKET AND CHEESE AND ONION WAS IN A GREEN ONE, Mouse Trap (that game that no one could be arsed to set up), Mr Frosty, Worzel Gummidge (Best name EVER), Through The Dragons Eye, Ghostwriter, Boys and Girls hating each other for varies fictitious reasons, playing army with make believe guns, wearing the hood on your jacket and not actually wearing it whilst pretending to be superman, free milk in nursery, that cheap carton of drink that we used to drink upside down instead of piercing the top part with the straw.

Nostalgia! Those were the days right? Back when the only rap was by a dude named after ice cream. Back when a ho was a garden tool. I’ve seen a lot of changes, I’m 28 now and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve changed with times.

But wow how times have changed. Looking at the things now and the youth today it’s like times have just gotten shitter and shitter!

I mean back in the day kids would settle things with their fists but now things are settled with gangbanging and knives and guns and man dems (Whatever the fuck that actually means).


Remember when you went out with your parents and you’d get up to general childish antics that involved laughing and running around like crazy shit, and then you’d get THE LOOK:


With that one look you knew it was time to shut the fuck up and not move. Nowadays you try that with a kid and you get:


To which the parent will be like “ok”. I’ve seen some parents discipline the fuck out of their child only to think “Yeah that kids gonna grow up and mug me when I’m 80”.

Another thing that’s crazy is just how spoilt some kids are nowadays, I remember that if  I asked my parents for a computer game and they’d look at me like I asked if bears shit out honey.


I’ve seen kids nowadays throw tantrums in a packed out store because they can’t have what they want and the parents submitting to their demands, sometimes I want to intervene and just smack the child with their own parent however I don’t want to go jail, again. Kids literally demanding phones! PHONES! I had to buy my first phone and even that was on Pay As You Go!

Kids TV is a little more crap I mean Saturday morning TV has gone to absolute SHIT now! I remember waking up super early on Saturday and switching to Channel 4, sometimes I’d be way too early and Trans World Sport would be on (serious kudos to anyone who remembers that legendary show). Then finally! JAYCE AND THE WHEELED WARRIORS!

Now what do we have? Fucking Horrid Henry! Now I know Horrid Henry was written ages ago but GOOD LORD this kid is an absolute cunt! He pretty much cusses anyone that isn’t himself, for no fucking reason, his brother gets shit and still smiles. Seriously how is that a good show for kids, all it teaches is that you can be a complete CUNT and it’ll be cool! At least in my day we had a show about fucking cars made from FUCKING PLANTS! PLANTS!

I wonder if the kids of this generation will bitch equally about the next generation, my bet is yes, yes they will it’s an endless cycle! Part of being older is bitching anyway so I guess this is my moment. Ummm OK I’m done.

I’d like to thank someone who was recently bought to my attention for inspiring this post. See I was given a link to a blog by a friend of mine and well, check it out and you’ll see the where the inspiration came from. Also if you’re into poetry seriously subscribe to this blog! 


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