So I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man the other day at an Imax cinema. The movie was pretty damn sweet. Which got me thinking, I tend to like a lot of movies and rarely do I dislike them. I think it all comes down to the fact that I’m easily pleased when it comes to movies. Seriously give me a movie with just boobs and explosions and I’ll be happy.

Anyway, the movie. The experience at the Waterloo BFI Imax was fucking sweet.

This movie was probably the first ever 3D movie that the girl sitting next to me had ever seen based on her reactions to EVERY SINGLE LITTLE USE of 3D that involved something coming towards the FUCKING SCREEN! Seriously she was spazing out like she was actually in the movie, which says more about the imax screen I guess. At one point I thought she fainted when the Lizard did that scary jump out during silent bits thing. Even when Spider-Man was just web slinging around she’d freak the fuck out! Lord help her if she ever experiences 3D porn!

Back to the movie, so for those of you that aren’t aware The Spider-Man movie series is owned by Sony. Now Sony wanted everyone to know this and they did so via the actual movie itself!

First of all Peter Park uses a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini which was clearly shown at numerous times, little hint here Sony, if you want to show off one of your products, don’t pick one that’s about a year or two old and not really widely available. There was a scene where a civilian films Spider-Man on his Sony Ericsson X10 which is just as old. There was a scene where Spider-Man went to watch a video on a laptop and they had to show a close up of him pressing the space key to play complete with the Vaio logo in full view!

Dear Sony if your intentions were to get my to go out and buy your products, it didn’t work. If however your intentions were to get me to bitch about it on my little blog and thus give you a little bit of free advertising….FUCK!

Anyway I enjoyed the movie, it was a lot better than the other Spider-Man movies in comparison. Next up…..Dark Knight Rises… if only I can get tickets for it!


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