So it seems that it’ll be pretty warm today….

Well, today is my day off and it looks like it’s going to be an awesome day outside, super hot (By London’s standards) yay! Lets go outside and greet the world…..oh wait


Lots of Heat + Lots of Hair = [I was going to put a really funny picture of a hairy guy with massive sweat patches but then I discovered that looking for that on Google yielded some rather disturbing image results, I need to go cry away the images for a few hours now]

Now I’m not one of those people who complain when it’s cold and raining and beg for hotter weather, and then bitch about said hotter weather when it actually comes. I generally prefer colder weather because it’s a lot easier to stay warm then it is to cool down, especially when you have the exterior coating of a BEAR!

Of course there are a lot of good things about summer! It’s nice to wake up to a room full of sun unless of course it’s my day off and I just want to sleep, it’s not about opening your eyes and having them humped by hot sunlight!

The best part about the awesome hot weather?

Oh ladies! Why you gotta make me sweat even more?

The worst thing about the awesome hot weather?

Oh dudes! Why you gotta make me cry?

See either way I’m looking at a serious case of dehydration! My best bet is to stay indoors and just play on my 360, where I have access to a fan, water, food and most importantly ZERO ACCESS TO DUDES IN STUPIDLY REVEALING CLOTHES THAT MAKE ME WANT TO BURN MY EYES WITH FIRE!

Right It’s almost 3pm as I write this, I’m tempted to venture out and try my luck or I’m gonna see if my hands can become one with my 360 controller!

Till next time!


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