Well really it is. All I have to do is say or do a bunch of silly stuff and people occasionally laugh.

The problem I have is when I actually want to do something with all this silliness, I’ve always wanted to do something on TV or have some of my work on TV at least.

Then again being on TV doesn’t mean you’re going to be a big hit.

[Insert winners of X Factor here]

Still it’s good to dream. A friend of mine who is also big into the whole comedy stuff, set out to write a sitcom based on working in a phone shop (which is where I work). I had plenty of material based on my experiences and he had the writing skills as well being able to produce the haha’s. So we set about writing up some drafts, things were slow but we had something.

Then one fateful day I see an advert on E4 for fucking PHONE SHOP! I’m pretty sure I swore at my TV like a hobo shouting at dog poo in the streets. It was quite depressing. I went through a stage of hating on the show purely because we had an idea for the same thing. After a while I realised that it was actually pretty good. Even though I know I could have done better…..in my dreams.

People always tell me to go do funny videos and stuff but I always find I’m better at making haha’s when it’s spontaneous rather than scripted. Some of the funniest moments in my life have been when conversing with friends.  I record a few of them and the stupidity of the content is always amazing, for example:

Granted it’s a bit long but I can always watch it and laugh.

If there was a way I could get paid to sit and talk with my mates for laughs, that would be the best job ever. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone wants to hear our ramblings, even BBC4 wouldn’t have that shit and that’s saying a lot!

I actually have no fucking idea what the point of this blog post is really. Probably because I wanted to have something special ready for my 10,000th Tweet, even though it really is no real milestone anyway, and more just a bigger highlighter of my time spent on said site.

Anyway here’s another video of mine for you lot to try to enjoy!

Peace out!


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