For the eagle-eyed readers out there, you’d notice this blog is called “That Brown Guy”. Due to the fact that I’m brown, don’t believe me?


Yep that’s me, and yes that hat does say “POW” and yes I’m wearing goggles in doors. I never said I was “That Normal Brown Guy”. Now those of you who haven’t read my previous post about being brown, well what the fuck are you waiting for, go read it. I’ll wait.

Done? Funny I know, so yeah. I’m a Hindu, that religion that doesn’t really get much mention, we’re generally pretty quiet and chilled, unless someone bums a cow or something then we’d be all pissed for 15 minutes. There are often some funny exchanges when talking to people about religion/race that really do make me laugh, for example:

Random brown dude: Where are you from?
Me (Blatantly knowing that he means what country am I from): Forest Gate
Random brown dude: ….Where are you’re parents from? (Looking at me like I’m a  retard)
Me: India
Random brown dude: Ah ok

My favourite one is:

Random brown dude: What religion are you?
Me: Hindu
Random brown dude: oh….that’s ok (expecting me to be the same as them)

Oh really!? It’s OK? Thank fuck for that, I thought I was some sort of freak, but now that you’ve reassured me that it’s OK, I can carry on living my life with a spring in my step and a red dot on my head!

A rather wide spread assumption is that all brown people smell.

Now I never noticed this but of course if one is accustomed to a smell for long enough, they no longer are aware of this. I learnt about this the hard way.

I was once in a car with my best friend who decided that in our 5 year + friendship that at that point in time it would be best to tell me that I sometimes smell like curry.

Needless to say I was shocked, and questioned her about this and she said that it was only sometimes. Of course the worse thing about it is that I couldn’t smell it so I wasn’t aware if when I stepped out of my house I’d smell like I had bathed in mum’s lunch. Now I have to make sure I’m covered in some sort of fragrance, only to help quash the thought of smelling like a Bombay bad boy!

[There was meant to be a picture of some cheesy guy with his shirt buttons undone with like a massive gold chain on display to show how cheesy I’d be with all perfume slapped over me and shit. Which would be like a visual representation of what I’d probably turn into, however Googling “Hairy Chest Gold Chain” yielded some rather disturbing images that will require some heavy drinking to help remove from my brain]

On that note I’m off! Till next time, keep telling me how awesome I am! Follow me on Twitter as well you ARSES!


2 responses »

  1. Bhavesh says:

    Totally gangster bro!!

  2. Jehvan says:

    well this is bollocks x)

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