Money makes the world go round or if you’re a boffin it’s the sun’s gravitational pull orrrrr if you’re a hippy, it’s love.

Now Money can make people do crazy things.

See, I purchased a house last year and like millions of others, am now the owner of mortgage. Before this time, I didn’t even think twice before going out and spending my hard earned cash on a Game or what not. Now however I’m forced to be responsible and sensible, and I bloody well hate it!

I always said that I wouldn’t allow the mortgage to change the enjoyment I got out of spending money on things I want. However, two months after launch and I still don’t own Super Mario Galaxy 2. Normally I’d of played the shit out of it (and failed to complete it) by now. Now I’m waiting for a price drop.

The funny thing now is that when I DO have money to spend I still won’t do so. Example, I wanted to replace my Xbox 360 cos my current one sounds like it’s going to fucking take off each time I play it. Even with a full months pay in my account, my common sense kicked in and I didn’t get it! WTF?

About 2 weeks ago, I received a bank statement from a bank I don’t bank with. What I saw was 2 accounts with a nice chuck on change in them. Turns out they were monies owed to me from shares I had with the company I work for.

[Insert picture of someone looking really happy whilst looking at a bank statement, can’t be arsed to google image it]

However even with this decent chunk of change at my disposal, I’m torn between spending it on myself or putting it towards my mortgage. It’s insane. I could go on a decent holiday and have a decent amount of spending money as well, and yet this other side of me is telling me that I really should just use it towards my mortgage. GAH!

It’s as if having a mortgage has turned me into some sort of sensible old man. FUCK! Where are the days that I’d scour ebay in the hunt for some awesome gaming related piece of tat that I could wear or display oh so proudly in my room of geek?

This feeling of growing up, scares me and I don’t like it one bit. Next think you know I’ll be have a warm cup of milk before bed! SHIT! I hate warm milk!

Right I’m off to search for Thundercats episodes on youtube (I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna buy the damn show on DVD) and try to relive my youth….


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  1. You own shares in a company. That alone is quite the zenith of sensibleness, I think.

    • thatbrownguy says:

      It would have been, had I not forgotten about them. Still it was a nice surprise when I got that bank statement through.

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