After you’ve read this awesome post, send the link to 10 of your friends, after that press F15 67 times then spin around on your chair 3 and a half times then close your eyes and think of the person you wanna be with for the rest of your life. If you do all this, then that person will never want anything to do you with because you’re an idiot who forwards on shitty chain mails!!!

Why the fuck do people feel the need to do this shit?

“Oh if I follow these directions in this chain mail whose origins are unknown, the thing that’s meant to happen, will happen!”

No! No it fucking well won’t.

“Oh noes I have to pass on this email to everyone otherwise they will start charging us to use facebook!”

No! No they fucking won’t you dim bulb! Why the fuck would a company that makes millions on adverts and shit jeopardise what they have by charging people to use their service?

“I’d never pay to use facebook!”

Yes you fucking would! Otherwise you’d be too scared that no one will know that you’ve joined the “lololz I liek 2 join shitty irrelevant groups innit” group.

“Oh noez I have to pass this email on otherwise I may die”

We can only hope that your internet connection goes down.

“Oh noez if I don’t pass on this email the ghost of a girl who didn’t pass on this email will appear”

So that’ll be 2 retards in the room then? Awesome, 1 more and you’ll have enough for an insane asylum.

Now email chain mail isn’t too bad because it usually comes from one person, however this is not the case if you own a Blackberry, for those of you who have yet to join the Blackberry bandwagon, the phones have an inbuilt IM client which is for Blackberry owners, basically think of it as msn but for Blackberry users. Now my contact list consists mainly of people who know each other. So when someone sends out a broadcast (like sending one message to x amount of contacts), it’s usually some crappy joke or shitty chain mail. Now receiving it once is not a major issue. It’s when every other person on my contact list sends it as well, that’s when shit gets annoying. And the worse thing is, all these people know each other and they know that I know them! SO WHY THE FUCK SEND IT TO THE SAME PEOPLE AGAIN???

Fucking age of communication, pain in the arse!

Peace out!


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  1. Soumya says:

    Lol this this so true! Gonna be worse when iPhone IM comes out though.

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