For those that aren’t sure what Tags are. They are key words used to describe the content of the media that’s being show. So at the bottom of my posts you’ll notice a fuck load of words, most of the time I just write any old bullshit to get more view, however I do tend to include tags that are related to the post.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you all a list of phrases searched for by people yesterday and how many people actually searched for them, then being directed to my blog, when I saw these I had to laugh! Keep in mind, I’ve used some of these words for Tags but never in the sentences used below, just spare a little thought for the poor people that searched for what they did only to stubble upon my blog….Fucking Awesome.

innocent girl 2
thirsty for rape sites 1
fucking in snow 1
cat phone 1
innocent girls being bad 1
thirsty for rape 1

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