I’m the kind of person who, when eating at home, needs to be watching something whilst eating. It can’t be just any shit though. Can’t be watching no Eastenders whilst eating some chicken or fucking Emmadale whilst chowing on some curry! I usually have to be watching a movie or some sort of comedy. No entertainment no dinner.

So the one thing I hate the fucking most is when I’m starving, get a fat arse meal, sit down turn on the TV, have a quick look on Freeview to see what’s on and what’s this? OH SWEET Rush Hour! Action! Comedy! Jackie Chan! Chris Tucker! Loads of Racism! Excellent! So I switch over and what’s this? FUCKING COMMERCIAL BREAK! It’s more so my problem to be honest. I simply hate eating if there’s nothing good to watch. However I do have an issue with commercial breaks, which I’ve touched on before.

Some how watching an advert about fucking feminine pads with fucking wings and shit isn’t exactly something that I call entertainment. Especially when I’m eating. I think I should probably plan my dinners more carefully now to avoid such events occurring again.


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  1. Evelyn says:

    im eating as im reading this. LOL

    I’m the same. I have to watch or read something when I’m eating. So it’s either some old ass film (cos I don’t have many on my PC) or reading blogs 8D

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