1. A Rubik’s Cube can always be solved in 26 moves or less.
2. In 26 B.C., Cleopatra Selene got married, so Augustus Caesar made her the queen of Mauretania as a wedding present.
3. In 1926, Route 66 was established.
4. Scientist Heinz von Foerster predicted that on November 11, 2026, technological singularity will occur – the point where we will reach a level of technological progress previously unknown to man. This includes the ability for machines to make themselves smarter, and, you know, finish off the human race.
5. 26 is the only number between a square number and a cube number.
6. 26 is how old I now am!

That’s right it’s my Birthday! A day to celebrate or mourn, depends really on how much you hate me.

A friend said to me, I’m closer to 30 then I am 20. Someone else told me that I’m technically still in my twenties. This means that I can now be ignorant about the fact that I’m gonna be an old man sooner rather then later. However I can still pretend that I’m young full of youth and alwa- ah fuck that I’m way to lazy to be young.

So I’ve got a few gifts for my Birthday although I would of preferred cash, because gifts don’t pay off the mortgage, still I did get some pretty sweet gifts along with some that perfectly fit my age now.

So, we have Mr Lazy which is just perfect, given by my mate Dave, and a box of Runts which is super epic because I was tempted to write a “C” over the “R” so that I could tell people, I had a mouth full of…well you get the idea. This delightful box of mischief was given by my mate Soumya.

My final set of gifts were given by my dearest mother:

Yep I’m now at that age in life where I’m getting clothes for WORK! Awesome.

Ahh there it goes, she got me some hilarious pyjamas!

Now that I’ve done all my bragging about my super awesome gift, I’m going to back to doing what I do best…..nothing!



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  1. thatbrownguy says:

    it’s a little late but glad you liked the jamies never to old for fun Pyjamas or japamas as you called them when you were little.

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