Communication is big part of life today. If it’s not two old biddies waffling on about fucking bingo and shit on the bus whilst two youts on the same bus having a conversation like this:

Yout 1: Oi blud I’m gonna link dat chick from when we went to dat next manz yard
Yout 2: oh shit isit? Oi bruv that girl is a boom ting you get me?
Yout: Tru say B!

If it’s not that, it’s a brown dude writing a blog mocking the younger generation he once used to be apart of to make himself come across as funny.

Communication has come a long way over time. Remember letters? Yeah those pieces of paper with scrawl all over them informing you of the on goings from else where. Now Email has pretty much destroyed that. Now the only letters people get are ones from the clinic to inform them that they have a fresh STD, or that they were caught driving on the pavement at 2am in the morning whilst dragging a hobo under the wheels.

Mobile Phones have played a big part in communication as well. Shit loads of people use them all the damn time. They use them whilst driving, whilst online, they even fucking use them whilst BUYING ANOTHER FUCKING PHONE!

Text or SMS is just a lazy way to have a conversation without actually talking to someone best used if you can’t actually be arsed to converse with someone cos you can just delay your answer for hours on end rather than actually try to think of response to something mind numbingly boring said on the phone. For those of you yet to receive a text due to an extreme case of having no fucking mates, this is the general style of a text as written by an adult with the mind of an infant.
“Hey wat u doin 2nigt? I’m goin dwn 2 da pub, gonna git mashed up lol”
The funny thing is that if we skip 4 months ahead we’ll see that the style of the text does not change:
“omg i cant beleve dat i got pregnant wen i got mashed up at a da pub dat time!”

Facebook and Twatter (lol twat) have taken communication to a super fucking ultra level. Now people all over the world can know when I take a shit, in fact they can even see my shit as I shit it! They also allow us to tell everyone about totally irrelevant stuff like “OMG I just had some TOAST!” or “Oh wow a pigeon just flew past me lol”.

I remember once I was at work and was emailing a colleague in another store, and she texted me, and sent me a message on Facebook, MSN and on my Blackberry as well. When I questioned such madness, she said that she was just showing me how many methods we have to communicate with each other.

This got me thinking. THERE IS NO FUCKING ESCAPE! If you have a phone, Facebook/Twatter or to a lesser extent *sniggers* Myspace account, MSN or any other chat client, and chances are you have all of those. You could be prone to getting gang raped by messages. I once had that problem when I was online on MSN, I had shit loads of messages and a few people chatting to me on facebook and sending me messages. I swear I almost threw my pc out the window. I can’t help being super popular, sometimes it’s a curse.

It’s a fucking pain when someone is chatting to you on msn and ask “Why aren’t you replying to my messages?” Ummmmmm maybe it’s cos I’m chatting to other fooking people! “ohhhh why are you ignoring me?” If I were to ignore you, you wouldn’t see me online would you?

Ummm I’ve kinda lost track of things now. Let me show you an epic example of communication:

Umm you may need to click on the image to see it properly, also this is some pretty offensive stuff here especially if you’re intelligent, also this is me and my mate talking:

Till next time keep on communicating and ummmm errr gah fuck this.


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  1. Nicki says:

    HAHAHAH! Hilarious, yet brutally honest post

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