Well here we is, end of the year. I honestly didn’t think that I would be writing this as I didn’t plan for this blog to carry on past a week, which if you read my first ever posts, you’d know why.

It’s been fun writing these posts, it’s been a pain in the fucking arse thinking of stuff to write about though. There were times when I’d write a few paragraphs only to think “Good lord this is shittery!” Then a few days later I’d think of something funny or something interesting that could be easily mocked and exploited for a funny blog post, would happen in my life, then BAM New Post!

Sometimes I wish I could update more often and it’s not down to being so lazy that I once made my brother phone the home phone when he called me on my mobile, cos I couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed to tell my parents to pick him up, but because I simply can’t think of stuff to write.

I’d like to say that next year I’ll work harder on improving the quality and frequency of my posts but we all know that’s bullshit.

Anyway I guess I should thank you all for bringing my total views to 2,462 across 34 different posts. I dunno if that’s good or not but I’m happy with it. I’ll put it on my CV.

I’d like to thank a few people for always being on my case about updating my blog more often, be it cos they’re bored or cos they want something to read during lunch. So, many thanks to Priya for bugging me on msn, so that her lunch time consists of more than just a sandwich. Also thanks to her, I got my first proper fan, which I’m chuffed about. “A proper fan? What are you on about now you dick?” Well this blog was mainly read by my mates, so when someone from outside my circle of friends read and loved my blog, I would count them as a proper fan. Some of my mates like my blog but then they’re my mate, they’d say anything to keep me happy, they deceitful bastards!

Errrr moving on, I gotta thank my mate Sam, who loved my blog to the point of actually showing it to a family member without fear of being associated with someone who photoshops cats and writes crap.

Also Soumya who once said to me “I was fascinated with your blog” until she noticed a bird outside and deemed that to be more fascinating.

Even my mate Dave who is one of the hardest people to please said “Your blog is win” which is like getting one of the Dragons from Dragons Den to say “This is amazing! I shall invest the full amount” to a guy trying to sell dirt to a fucking hobo.

However the biggest thanks goes to one person. To be honest if you like my blog you need to thank this person too. You see if you read my first ever blog post, you’d remember that I didn’t want to do this blog, because I didn’t think people would read it. However this person thought otherwise, so I said I’d write a blog for 7 days and decide what to do after that. That was fucking 10 months ago. So yeah I guess there were right.
So Agoo, you were right, I was wrong. I guess I can’t win them all. You thought I had something worth sharing and people would enjoy it and I guess they did, that or you were sick of me chatting shit and decided that if you had to hear it then other people should suffer too. Either way, thank you!

Right this is my last post of the year, and this post has been way too wussy. Next time, things go back to normal!

Oh before I finish this! I’d like to thank fellow bloggers:

http://joshuagoodwin.com/ – He allowed me to do a guest post

http://xthemusic.wordpress.com/ – He also allowed me to share my own brand of written diaherra!

Other blogs to check:

http://martialloh.blogspot.com/ – The most pointless blog apart from my own, seriously he only uses it to post codes and shit for he’s animation work.

http://jayquilla.wordpress.com/ – A mate I’ve known unfortunately for over 10 years, the silly tit is currently working in Peru, read his adventures and laugh, or cuss…mainly cuss.

http://emotionalpie.blogspot.com/ – One for the ladies out there, a fellow work mate, she’s very wise and is basically the complete opposite of me, ie she actually makes sense!

Well that’s it! See ya when I can be bothered!


4 responses »

  1. naz says:

    hey handsome keep writing….however silly the matter creativity was at its best…im lookin fwd to more of ur bakbak…ur thgts r somethin none can take from u…so share them.

  2. Martin says:

    We need to alert police Jason is 404 not found dude.

  3. raindeavour says:

    im defo a fan of ur blog!!

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