Ironically I remembered that I wanted to make a post about this particular subject whilst drinking some Pepsi Max…so not entirety surprising. Now when I saw this advert first the first time, it caused me to become a bit confused at the subject. I admit I have a problem of over analysing things to the point where I ruin the actual point of them. It’s a curse but it at the same time I get to ruin a lot of things for a lot of people so let them suffer to.

Anyway one to the subject at hand:

Where to begin? Well the start would be a good fucking place eh?
Now I understand the first guy going in is meant to be a set up, but as an interviewer I would have probably asked him to leave before he even sat down. Why? Because he has a fucking Pepsi Can with him! Who the fuck BRINGS A FUCKING CAN OF PEPSI to an interview? Fair enough, have a can BEFORE have 10 for all I care. Don’t bring the actual can with you, and certainly don’t put on the fucking desk of the interviewer for shits sake! This says more about the Interviewer then it does the guy. What kind of company is this?

Anyway so, the “set up guy” decides to go all Fight Club and beat himself up whilst screaming and shouting. Now unless he is able to fall without hurting himself this is all very pointless, I’m sure he could have thought of a better way to get everyone to piss off like, walk out of the interview and say something like “That man just tried to rape me” or something like that, but no. Instead he knocks himself around the office destroying things, possibly traumatizing a bunch of fucking fish. Whilst the interviewer looks on like a retarded chimp. If that was me, I would have battered him anyway. Then I’d call security and explain that the guy is a moron and needs to be sectioned.

At this point we see a guy get up and leave like a scared pussy and others leave like dumb sheep, the remaining candidates stay and don’t bother to call the police OR EVEN HELP! All these people are cunts as well, and don’t deserve to get a job they are so rightfully being scammed out of. After some more self harm that’ll make an emo look like a jolly cunt. The set up guy eventually throws himself out of the room and runs off, along with all the other job applicunts, bar one. Who looks on at the interviewer with a smile that makes him look like a simple dick. Cut to the end where it is revealed that the whole thing, surprise surprise was a scam. The grinning tard chimp leaves the building with a smile and we see the set up guy along with the pussy guy waiting for him to see if he got the job, which he does. Cue them celebrating with a can of Pepsi and dancing to some hip hop song that they can’t actually hear which makes them mental.

What does it say about this guy that he needs to scam a bunch of people to get this job? That company has employed a trickster and fraudster…of some sorts. What a prick.
However what sort of company allows their interviewer to let a moron beat himself up during an interview and do sweet fuck all about?
My theory? It’s all one big insurance scam. The company will claim on a bunch of shit from that office, probably make up some shit and get some fat cheque, in return they employ a group of guys to make it all seem “believable” and offer a job to that guy to make it all look legit….I didn’t say it was a good scam.

Moving on, to the second and thankfully final vid for me to pick apart:

*sigh* OK so this guy is chatting up this girl and she ain’t impressed. Cue a guy getting tentacle raped by an octopus and the guy runs off to save him, complete with a full arm cast. He grabs a massive umbrella that opens up and doesn’t at all hinder the speed at which he is travelling. He then jumps at the beast and stabs it IN THE HEAD with the umbrella. Pretty awesome stuff.

Then he carries the rape victim back to the beach where no one at all bothers to help and he walks past the girl from the start and has time to trick the girl into agreeing to a date later, then takes the guy away where once again it is revealed that the whole thing was a scam. Good fucking lord, these guys have no shame. So to get a date, they get a fucking massive octopus costume complete with movable tentacles that can OPEN CANS, how much did that fucking thing cost? All that just to get a girl? She must be the bestest girl ever.

The girl! There’s one thing I noticed about her in this advert. At first she seems like a bit of a bitch, at the start the guy seems genuine and she looks at him like he uses live puppies as shoes, the stuck up bitch. Then when he saves that dude from rape, she looks at him with a smiles and shit. Silly cow, so it takes someone to perform a random act of bravery by stabbing a creature in the head which to be fair, if it were real, we wouldn’t know of that guy was provoking it or something, I mean at the end of the day the ocean is its home, when someone trespasses that home, well their gonna get raped. In the end she deserves to be going out with a scam artist, I hope they scam her out of all her money (of which she probably have a lot of, working in a fucking drinks hut on a beach) and in return I hope she gives him an STD!

Right I’m off to finish the rest of the Pepsi Max we have. Man that shit is refreshingly good, Maximum Taste, No Sugar goodness in a bottle!


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  1. Mani Link says:

    The Irony is you drank their shit while watching their shit…¬¬ But yeh those ads are dumb. Plus the main guy in the octo is decent looking – he don’t need his mates to do this extra curricular bull shit to get laid! – these ads just remind me of those WKD ones – but in reverse – way more realistic. ^^

  2. Naz says:

    sam, awesome stuff….i know ur not gonna like this…i m actually going to hire those guys to get me a job…coz atleast their plan works….hehehe….n dont blame the girl…she probably gets turned on wen she sees seaworld….i enjoyed it

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