Sometimes it’s good to have a bit of a moan, it stops you from going fucking bat shit crazy. It also helps you to make a blog post as well.

Today I’m going to list a bunch of things that annoy me to the point that I have to bottle them up until I feel as though I have enough material for a blog post.

I’m gonna start with a biggie, one that annoys me every bloody week, it’s the unstoppable retarded bohemian juggernaut of annoying fuckery, X Factor.
Each year this madness descends upon us with the same predictable format.

Start of the Series:

Loads of auditions which primarily involve people with the mind of a foetus being told they have “it”.
Cue them auditioning, making people lose hope in humanity, then getting verbally ripped to shreds by a man with tits and whatever bint needs to further her career.
Allow the odd pond life to go through to the next round just for laughs.

Middle of the Series:

Separate the shit from the meh/potential winners, cue sob stories that involve one or more of the following factors:

1. Dead friend/family member
2. Dying friend/family member
3. I’m poor
4. I’m bullied and have been told that I’ll never amount to anything
5. I live on my own and don’t want to die on my own a loser.
6. If I don’t win, all my family will be taken from me and sent to The Lost Island.
7. All of the above.

Final part of the series:

Facebook being updated every fucking 2 secs with fucking opinions about shit that has just happened on the show. WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT!
Someone eventually wins and somehow this gets them a number 1 single for X-Mas, then an album will come out and after that, never be heard of again, unless they appear of the “Line Up” on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Rinse and Repeat till you get boring and tired like Big Brother.

Now let’s move onto this advert that, that bothers me a lot. Now after looking for it on youtube, I noticed that it was used in another country, so maybe the dialogue was different and it got changed when it came out over here, although it doesn’t seem that way.


Now, what the fuck is so funny about that? The dude says "You took the last Magnum Mini Again" to which the smug cow says "No" then they both laugh! What the shit man? It doesn't make me want to go out and get Magnum Mini's it makes me want to find a girl whose either anorexic or fucking lactose intolerant.

One more thing that annoys me are people who "Like" there own status update on Facebook. Fuck man, talk about an ego boost. That's like me sitting here, laughing my fucking arse off, at how hilarious this post is...........


3 responses »

  1. meme says:

    sam you do know this is what girls do…let it build up and then release! 😉

  2. your admirer says:

    love you

  3. Perfection7 says:

    I really dont get that add. And the x-factor thing is bullshit, but the fb statuses entertain me.

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