Since the dawn of time, parents have cared for, protected, spoilt, praised and loved their off spring.

Then a little thing, called modern times came along and shat all over that. Gone were the times when children would fear and respect their parents, were a quick raising of the back of a hand would result in instant fear and obedience.
If such a back hand was raised now a days it would probably be met with a fist to the chops.

How did all this happen? Whose to blame? Society? TV? Movies? Rap? Rock? Pokemanz?

Well the answer could be yes to each of those, depending on each individual case. One factor that contributes to the children of today being total shit monkeys are parents.

See I’ve noticed the way parents treat their children, not just at work but everywhere. What follows are examples of such:
Ignorance is Bitch:
The kind of parent who has fine tuned the art of ignoring a crying/whingeing child. Probably one of the worst kinds of parent around.
Many the time I’ve been at work with a packed store with people wanting to be served, shittying in store music blaring out the same tunes day in and day out, and to top it all off, a crying fucking child. For some reason the parent is busy looking around for a fucking phone to purchase, rather than tend to the crying needs of their spawn!
Customer’s would rather piss about choosing between a fucking £5 phone and a £10 phone, whilst their child battles with a dog or summat.



Be the best that I tell you to be:

The pushy parent that has planned out their child’s life before the fucker even had a chance to figure our where it’s arse is.
The kind of parent that expects only the best from their child, which to be fair, isn’t a lot to ask. However when they shit over any achievement that’s slightly less than perfect that’s when it gets a bit ridiculous.



See parents like this are even gonna toughen up their kids to the point where they turn into a cunt like their parents, OR their kid will turn into a hateful bastard and take it out on everyone. Maybe the terrorist’s of today had bastards for parents………………

Oh well at least your parents didn’t allow this:

oh well


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