Phones are an interesting invention, they help people communicate with each other all over the world and shit. They also cause untold amounts headache and social awkwardness.

Let’s delve into this because I have nothing else to do this evening.

I recently changed back one of my older phones because it had a better camera then my newer one, odd I know but meh. There were a lot of numbers on the new phone that were not saved on the sim, so when I went back to my old phone there were a few contacts that didn’t transfer over. This little issue didn’t really dawn on me until I got a text from someone who knew me. I was unable to guess who it was. “So what? Why just text back and ask?”, good question, here comes the shit answer, I basically replied back to it without asking who it was. Why I did this, I’ll never know. Needless to say they text back from time to time, and I never bothered to ask who they were. This is highly retarded as the longer you leave it, the more difficult it gets to ask them. What can you do? Text them back all of the sudden and be like “Excuse me, mystery person who I’ve been texting over the last month or two, but who are you?”.
It’s like when you meet someone and they get your name wrong and you don’t really notice it, after a while you’ve got someone calling you “Terry” when your name is “Abhimani Aponaptir Dvadasatman”.


There are also times when you use your phone to get out of awkward situations in life. For example, if you’re sitting around with a group of people who all know each other and you don’t. You could pull out your phone and pretend to be checking a text message or playing a game. This also works when you are left alone with someone who you don’t really know. For example if you meet up with a mate and their partner, and it’s just the two of you, there can sometimes be some awkwardness, some people can just have a conversation and be done with it. Others however cannot do this, which can lead to you saying something stupid like “Sooooo……you’re banging my mate……what’s that like?” You know you won’t be getting invited to many nights out with them again.

Alone in a Crowd

Anyway, that’s enough for now! Here’s a cat jacking yo mins!


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