So at work today I was serving a customer and thought I’d keep things lively and start up a little chit chat to help move along the transaction rather then it just being two grown men standing around awkwardly willing the transaction to come to an end.

It kinda went a little like this:

Me: How you doing today?
Customer: *sigh* I’m tired.
Me: Yeah me too, still got tomorrow off then I’m going Glastonbury!
Customer: Waste of money.
Me: O_o well it beats being here.
Customer: Nah, it’s a waste, there’s much better concerts that will be happening.
Me: …
Customer: Did you see that guy who owns the the land in the paper? His loving it, he’ll be raking it in.
Me: Well what do you expect?
Customer as he is leaving the store: Yeah well he won’t be loving it much longer….there will be better concerts.
Me: O_o

Now, what the fuck was all that about? Me and my mate had a good old chuckle about it but still. Talk about shitting on your parade.


I mean I try and make things a bit more lively with the transaction and decided to mention a brief piece of excitement that shall be presenting itself to me very soon, and this guy was probably like “Nah fuck that, fuck your happiness, now shut up and let me shit on you”.

I like how he didn’t even mention any of these concerts that would be better then an entire 3 day music festival. I mean what sort of concert could provide that amount of super awesomeness in one night? One that comes from the mind of a person who has obviously been wronged by Glastonbury!

I mean what exactly happened to this guy that drove him to barrage my happiness with such scornful hate?


I probably won’t be able to enjoy this festival now, as in the back of my mind will be the thought of “Better concerts” that shall be taking place. Ones that I haven’t heard of yet that will have massive magnitudes of “better” then my Glastonbury. Fuck sake! How can I enjoy such a shoddy festival now? When there will be people out there enjoying concerts that are better! The smug bastards! I bet they’ll all be there, sipping fine wine and eating caviar freshly shit out of the fish or something. Damn them!

Ah well guess I’ll just have to make do with Glastonbury for now!

Here’s a cat sleeping on some cheese:



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  1. Naz says:

    lol that’s a nice one….some ppl cant just bear others enjoying so the best tey can come up with is…”you ar going to hav

  2. Naz says:

    sorry that was posted in error…coz i was laughing…well i was saying the best they can do is ruin it for u by saying “you are going to have shit time u made te wrong choice” ….they are jus jealous coz they cant hav the same fun as u…

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