A lot of things in life often cause me to think a lot, that and copious amounts of head scratching which generally lead to extended periods of confusion and a bleeding cranium.

I could just ignore most of the these things, most normal people do. I clearly have issues and thus cannot help but take notice.

There was this one scene from Heroes that bothered me….Yes just the one scene.

It involved the Indian character who was in India, and he was talking with a friend of he’s. Nothing strange there no? Well when they were talking, they were talking in English! WTF? The funny part was that they spoke better English then people from England for fuck sake. Still when I saw this, I noticed that it happens a lot in other shows and movies. Could editors or directors not afford subtitles or something? They can afford to piss around the story to the point of utter confusion and crap, but they can’t afford some text at the bottom of the pissing screen!

Sticking with India, Call Centres. Yes a lot of them are based in India why? Because it’s cheaper then employing a bunch of patronising, blunt, hide behind your phone whilst treating people on the other end of the line like shit, battery farm chickens from the UK.
Still I guess the people in the Indian call centres aren’t any better, I mean they tend to LIE TO YOUR FACE! Example?

Phone call to a company whose call centre is in India:

Them: Thank you for calling *Insert pretty much all companies in the UK apart from those that have their heads shoved far up their own arses that they mention that their call centres are UK based just to reasure all the racists in the country….i kid :p* My name is Mark, how can I help?
Me: Fuck right off!

Mark? Mark? What the bloody hell? I’ve been going India since I was two, I’ve experienced a lot of stuff in India and met a lot of people. I have never met anyone in India called Mark. It doesn’t end there though, there’s also “Steve”, “Mary” and so on, however you’ll get one who is proud of their name, they’ll be the rebel that all the guys wanna be and all the girls wanna have, he don’t give a shit about pleasing the English with their Mash Potatoes and Fish and Chips, he’s brown and proud, his Abhimani Aponaptir Dvadasatman!

Abhimani Aponaptir Dvadasatman

Another thing that I’ve noticed, well not so much noticed, but something that I literally cannot over look is people who wear fucking sandels and socks! WTF is the point? It’s either shoes or sandels. You don’t fucking need socks to go with the sandels, what the shit could you possibily be gaining from wearing such a unholy combination?

oh noez

Of course there are rare exceptions:

oh snap

Right that’s enough, if I continue I fear I may literally have a fit of rage and punch a dog or something.

Speaking of annoying things, here’s how Xzibit reacted when he found out who was to present the UK Pimp My Ride:

oh no


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