I thought it would be time to join the bandwagon of people who have something to say about this whole Swine Flu madness that seems to have gripped the world in it’s evil hoof like clutches.

It seems that we may be wiped out by this flu, unless the boffins can come up some sort of vaccine of some sort. Till then I guess we can just rely on ignorantly avoiding pork and farmers. Oh and wearing spiffy little masks. How long do you think it’ll be before we see some major clothing labels getting in on the mask hype?


I’d imagine there are a small group of people who can find a silver lining on this oh so ominous cloud and do a little gloating:


Still it’s not all major clothing labels who mass produce shit made by a child in a poor country for 3 grains of rice an hour, or smug Muslims. The NHS is also getting involved as well, of course. How? By printing a leaflet that is designed to get us all clued up on Swine Flu with tips on how to avoid it and shit. Looking at the front of it though, they don’t seem to have got off to a good start:


Now this leaflet is meant to educate the less clued up people(ie people without the Internet or TV or a Life) of this country. It doesn’t do a good job of it, considering it shows a man with an inability to cover he’s mouth whilst sneezing. Seriously look at it! What the hell is wrong with him? He’s spraying all over the bloody place.
Simpletons will look at this and get bored/confused just by the website printed on the front and just use the picture as reference! We’re all doomed!

On that note, here’s a funny picture that’s linked to the subject above:


BTW I’d like to thank my mate Dave(we all have a mate called Dave right?) as you can see from the above pictures, they are all pretty much basic edits and nothing special, apart from the Adidas one, which he managed to help me out with….I did the side text though!
He is also in the blogging game, so please check it out so that he plugs my site too! http://martialloh.blogspot.com/

hmmmm I wonder if wordpress will mind that I’m linking to another blog site?


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