As a lad, you’d expect me to be into Football a lot. However I’d rather play it then watch it.(That’s right, I’m not allergic to exercise.) I often find myself lost when my mates are chin wagging about the match last night and how a certain player’s performance was “Utter shittery”, however I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on, I’d rather go get something to eat.


The thing that cracks me up about football fans is how much they love their teams and players when things are looking good. However the second they slip up! Oh man.  It’s kinda like having a girlfriend who gives you nice “kisses” and then one day coming home to see that she has braces. You ain’t happy!


It always makes me laugh when the team wins and a certain player contributes a lot to that win, the fans, will literally make a nest in their arse. However as soon as they fuck up and it means the team looses….they’ll take a shit in their arse or something. To be fair though, when a player is paid stupid amounts of money to do something millions of children do all the time in parks you can forgive the fans for demanding a lot out of them.

I was going to continue with this post, but I kinda can’t be arsed anymore.

So here’s a cat dj:



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  1. Naz says:

    I like that…wich do u support anyways…enjoy the’s a sport and if you tink u can do a better job..then get off your backside out of the pub and go kick some balls on the field..

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