Probably not needed seeing as there are probably like a million of these about, but another one can’t cause any harm, boredom yes, but harm, no.

So the Internet on paper sounds great, however so does going to a lesbian club with the lads, till you realise that at the end of the night it’s just going to be a bunch of frustrated guys together with boners. Which is pretty much what the Internet is, in a nutshell.


See the thing about the Internet, is that it gives people power. The power to be a complete cock and get away with it. People have the added factor of being anonymous and thus have the ability to be whoever they want to be, and can shit on anyone who says otherwise.

Where can you find these people? Why on forums of course. Forums are basically a massive notice board full of topics about certain subjects. Each topic is normally an opinion filled statement by someone or, simple cries of help like “Help! My dog lives in my arse, what do I do?”. Or, you’ll get those diamonds in the rough that give you something epic. However the rough normally outnumbers the diamonds.

See, forums can be a cruel place to spend time. You’ll always get someone post about some amazing thing that’s happened to them, complete with stuff that hardly ever happens, the responses?

1. “OMG that’s so epic!”
2. “Pics or it didn’t happen”
3. “That’s bullshit, stop chatting shit just to seem cool!”

People will love to shit all over you story regardless of if it’s true or not. It’s usually best to just stfu and not post anything. That or find a new forum OR get a life.

See everyone on the Internet is a professional critic, even the 14 year olds in school who complain about their shitty little non important problems about life. Also no matter how epic or cool something is, someone somewhere will always find something to bitch about. Normally just to be cool and different, however, I’m not saying that everyone has to like the same stuff, if that was the case, people would be walking around vomiting, because the first person who decided to eat shit, actually liked it.

The funny thing about the Internet is that it also makes people think they are super awesome. Maybe they are, but there’s one thing that’s for sure, if they aren’t, the Internet will let them know about it. See it’s easy to get yourself on the net and to show everyone your “talent” and unless that talent involves getting naked and doing certain things to male or female genitalia, it’s going to have to be something special to get praise.

Youtube has made it very easier for people to share their wonderful skills to the world, however Youtube has also made it easier to systematically destroy their souls, by simply allowing you to comment on videos. Seriously some of the stuff written on some of these videos are so shocking that it’s pretty funny.

I remember when a musician who is actually pretty successful was commented on.

Here’s a picture of him, followed by comments made on him:

“This guy looks like aids”
“This guy looks like a paedophile”
“..He is the ongoing musical equivalent of cancer..”
“I want to shove an axe in his face..”

Riveting stuff indeed.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the Internet yet, I’ll be sure to continue this some other time.

In the meantime, why not check out this helpless fellow who thinks he is smart, witty and funny, he thinks this because it’s so easy to take a big dump of funny over the Internet. Truly it is sad to see him try so hard:

Right, that’s it for this part. Who knows when I’ll be arsed to do another. For now, here’s a cat in your Internet:


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