A few things, popped into my head when I saw this advert.

1. Wow that’s pretty cool.

2. Clearly he doesn’t need the crutches as he seems able bodied.

3. Is he mocking able and errr unabled bodied people?

4. Why does the guy singing this song for this advert sound “unabled”?

5. Why do I seem to be using the term “unabled” a lot?

6. I have no intention of getting a Visa card….or super cool crutches.

I noticed something last night, whilst I was watching some TV, it was a stand up comedian doing his thing and I had seen it before and I was pretty knackered, so I after a while I thought to myself, “Right, when there’s an ad break, I’ll go bed”. A funny thing happened when I made that deal with myself. I found that I’d be willing the ad break to come quicker. As if I literally HAD to wait till an ad beak before I could go sleep. I could of simply turned the fucking TV off and gone bed. However that small piece of common sense was dwarfed by the massive deal I had made with myself. It’s as if I had no choice but to wait, otherwise some sort of price will have to be paid? Thank fuck it was on E4 and not BBC otherwise I’d of been fucked. Fucking TV license bastards!
Oh another note, I am the only one who hates people who prolong the saying “Oh My God?”. It literally makes me want to harm them.

Hmmm I’m watching a TV show and it’s 9pm, so far they’ve beeped out the word “Bastard” and “Fucking” yet, “Shit” is fine. Odd.

For some reason, I assumed that above video would be enough for me to waffle on about it, however I kinda ran out of obversations, hence the poor post this has turned into.

Here’s a can of beans:


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