So its dinner time! Yay! Big plate of pasta, let’s watch some TV shall we? Wait WTF?

Nah mum forget the tomato soup, don’t really have the stomach for it now. I’m fucking sick of seeing this kinda of ads on TV. Sure they help raise awareness which I’m all for, but not when I’m relaxing and about to tuck into some grub, for fuck sake!

No I don’t want to see an 8 year old girl laying there dead with her body all misshapen, only for her to come back to life, but not before her bones start to fucking heal themselves in the space of 5 secs complete with the sound her bones probably made when they first got car fucked.

Anyway Here’s the video I’m talking about:

Wonderful stuff eh? There’s another one that literally made me loose my appetite for 10 seconds. This one shows a man, crashing his car and then decides to show us the transit of his internal organ’s via the the total disregard to the fact that I’m eating and of course CGI. Complete with Rib cage piercing his lungs. Fucking wonderful viewing eh? Now to be fair, this after 9pm but fuck it I eat late!

Here’s the video in all it’s glory:

I also hate how it brings the mood down when the whole family are gathered around watching TV. Imagine the scene:

The Cockenstien family are sitting down watching some TV.

Mother: Oh did you hear, young John passed his driving test?

Rest of the family:  Oh wow that’s great news!


Family: ._.

Fucking epic stuff.

This is what these adverts get me thinking about:

“Well I was enjoying this mash potato with loads of ketchup, but now…”

“Ah excellent, another thing to add to the growing list of things to avoid on the streets, mugging, getting shot/stabbed/raped/all of the above and now, getting run over……and all the above, man that would be a cluster fuck”

“You know what? Fuck learning to drive, I wonder if Xzibit can pimp my oyster card?”

Anyway that’s enough whining from me today. Here’s Xzibit pimping English:


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