A lot of things tend to capture my attention. Be it shiny objects, bight lights or people falling over. They all have the same thing in common, they bring me joy. There are however, things that literally take my attention and cause me much rage.

One of the those things is, people who bitch about violent computer games. Everytime, a game comes out that contains a crap load of violence, the media and idiot parents get together to have a mass twisting of their knickers. If they had there way, the industry would be full of crap shitty shovelware games….actually some people have already started:

Parents seem to think that rather then actually do their job and you know parent their kids, it would be easier to spend time campaigning and whinging about how computer games are turning their children into super crazy gun toting idiots who all seem to love listening to heavy metal and also like dressing in black…..oh and are also nerds who no one seems to notice.

For some reason computer games are pretty much the first thing to get attacked whenever something tragic happens like a school shooting. Movies seem to get off lightly.

I also love how loads of studies are done to determin weather computer games actually turn people into mind shits. Maybe they should just concentrate on working with those quiet ones that never seem to mix well with others, you know the one. That guy who always seems to be alone and has an unhealthy vast knowledge of guns. You should probably be able to notice him during summer when his the only fucker wearing all black in the blazing hot sun and has stupid hair.

To be fair, it’s not completely the kids fault that they turn into morons, some of the blame has to be put to the wonderful parents. People are quick to demand the banning of computer games, I think we should put a ban on idiots from procreating.

They will be quick to point the finger for the failure that is their offspring. As long as the blame doesn’t reach them. I love how it’s the developers fault, for making games where the colour red, represents blood and not the rosy cheeks of barbie, they expected in her latest console outing.

It’s also the retailers fault as well, for selling the game to idiot children. Even though it’s pretty much the law to ask for ID for certain games now. Of course the only way a child can get a game with a high age rating is if someone buys it for them. Who are these good Samaritans who’ll do such a thing? That’s right! It’s the fucking parents. Usually bought as a reward for being “Good” and by good I mean not shitting all over the living room floor or chasing grandma with a toy gun aimed at her head cos she’s a zombie.

Games like GTA will always have a hard time with the press and parents. Despite being clearly rated 18. Of course it doesn’t help matters when it’s literally advertised right up your arse.

Of course to keep people happy, they could just tone down the games could they not?

Dear god no! A good example of things getting out of hand was Manhunt 2 which was so gruesome that it was pretty much banned in the UK and other countries, until it was finally released after being “toned down”. Perhaps they should of worked on making the game good before dwelling on that though.

The funny thing is that I basically found a video of all the “bad” scenes from Manhunt 1&2 on youtube. Meaning all the news and coverage this game got, it’s pretty easy to find out what the fuss was all about by simply searching for it on youtube, a site that isn’t exactly unknown.

Which finally leads me to the end of this post, and how after all the fuss these controversial games get, it all does leads to one thing. Free Marketing. All the whinging and bitching the parents and media do about these games works against all the shit they work for, because it makes more people curious about the game that they are working so hard to ban. Idiots!

Anyway I’m off to run over whores in GTA:IV because that’s how I chillax!

If you’d like to learn more about controversial games please check out these recommendations:

No More Hereos:




Also there is a blog for the developers of Madworld:


Well that’s enough from me, here’s the effects of boozing in video game land:


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