You ever notice how certain comedians can get anyway with saying whatever the fuck they want?


And others can’t?


What’s funnier is how complacent some people are over the material used. Now I’m not saying people should kick up a fuss the second they hear something that may be deemed offensive to their race. It’s great that people and sit back and laugh at themselves, to a certain extent of course.

However I’ve noticed that the second a white comedian says anything remotely offensive in a joking manner about a black person, the lynch mob already have their torches lit and pitchforks out of their arses ready for a hunt. If we reverse the situation however. It’s more of a case of “OMG That guy is sooooo funny! His the best comedian ever! His material is so funny I completely forgot how racist it was!”

What you will find with all comedians is that they will take the piss out of themselves, probably as not to piss off Karma.5895932

Of course you get those comedians who don’t really need to take the piss out of anyone and those comedians are usually shit.


Only joking….or am I?! I actually forgot the point I was trying to make now.

Oh then there are Brown comedians who take the piss out of white people and black people like they have some sort of free pass. Of course all they have to do is just cuss themselves a bit, which to be fair isn’t hard, have you seen how hairy we are!? What kind of shit is that anyway? We’re from a country that’s like always fucking hot and we’re all covered in hair, not just the dudes…good god no, even the ladies.


And yet, you still would.

So I don’t actually know what the point of this post was to be honest. So here’s a cat that did not steal the milk:


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