I guess I’ll continue writing this blog, until my friends actually get bored of this, all 1 of them.

So said friend noticed that I haven’t updated my blog in a few days, and so I asked him for a suggestion on what to write about. He came up with talking about young mum and dads. This should be interesting.

So young mothers and fathers. There are two kinds of these. Those who are young, with jobs and have money and planned to have a child, or those who are pretty much the exact opposite.

The first type:


The second type:


Now regardless of what type of family they are, they all have one thing in common, they eat FISH & CHIPS!

Fish & Chips is possibly the best damn combination of flesh and vegetable ever. With the addition of mushy peas and tartar sauce you have a completely epic meal.

I wonder who decided to batter a fish and serve it with chips. I remember one time, me and a whole bunch of mates went to a place called Adam’s Ribs.


As the name suggests, they specialise in ribs. I however do not eat meat but I do eat Fish cos I like being difficult and confusing towards meat eaters.

Pretty much everyone at the table ordered a rib based dish, when it came to my turn I opted for “Adam’s Fish & Chips”. Now when the waiter asked what I wanted, I told him what what I wanted as I saw it on the menu. “Can I have Adam’s Fish & Chips please?” For some reason this caused the whole table to erupt into laughter. Now to this day I still don’t understand why people find that funny. Even when we still go there and I order the same dish, I still get the laughing.

See when I want something, I’m going to ask for it as it’s named. I’m not going to ask for a plate of flesh of an aquatic vertebrate animal that is typically ectothermic (or cold-blooded) of the cod species that has been battered and deep fried along with some chopped potatoes that have also been deep fried. I’m going to ask for Fish & Chips.


See it doesn’t work!

Anyway that’s enough for now! Here’s a Cat attacking a big bird:


2 responses »

  1. Geisha says:

    I just wanted to say that you should shut up coz Alfie is most likely the best lover ever!! And is already in demand (last time I checked I was 28147287314th in the queue)!

  2. Evelyn says:

    I remember when you ordered the fist and chips! LOL.

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