I don’t know if it’s because I’m bored of doing the blog or because being back at work has destroyed any sort of motivation I had to continue along with this blog, but today, I’m knackered and really don’t feel like making an entry today(hehehe entry).

However! I said I’d update every day so by gum that’s what I’ll do!(what the shit does “By gum” actually mean?).

Anyway. A friend of mine made a suggestion that I should talk about girls. “Hmm this could be interesting/funny/bad/fail/all of the above”, I pondered.

Anyway let me talk about the different types of females there are.

Intelligent Girls:


These are the girls that usually keep the smart arse men in check(not me though cos I’m epic smart).  If you actually listen to these types of girls, you can learn quite a bit though. Like when to shut the fuck up when you chat out of your arse. However they can be too smart and make you look like a dick in front of everyone(not me cos I’m too slick for that shit yo).

Street Wise Girls:


You may consider these girls to be nothing more then a walking female version of Channel U, however no! They can actually teach you some good shit. Maybe an Intelligent Girl can teach you a lot about stuff that requires common sense, but sometimes a Street Wise Girl can teach you stuff about life, like the above picture shows. I honestly can’t think of anything else to waffle about I just wanted to edit that picture.

Innocent Girl:


Ah the Innocent Girl, these girls literally crack me up, cos of their naivety and well innocence. I don’t think they are dumb, just that they have a more sugar coated view of the world.  Errrr that’s all really. I just wanted to search for hot looking Japanese girls on google, to be honest.

The funny thing is that, a lot of girls out there are actually a mixture of the above 3, they just live in la la land along with puppies that vomit rainbows!

Now there are many other types of girls out there, I just can’t be arsed to think of them and then search on google for funny pictures of them to edit! You’d be surprised the amount of porn that came up when searching for just these 3 >_<

Anyway that’s the end of today’s post, here’s a bear driving a car:


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