So I’ve been told that I’m too negative. I dunno I just see myself as a realist. So anyway I’ll try and make things all puppy dogs and rainbows! As not to come across as a complete bastard of an old man.


Well today, I went out with a bunch of work mates, to see another work mate perform some stand up comedy. I’ve actually had the idea of doing stand up comedy for a while now. People tell me that I’m funny and that I should do it, before I just took at as a way of them saying “Yeah you haven’t really got much else to shout about, but I guess you’re funny” Only joking! They don’t think that. They tell me that to my face! Again I kid. See I could do this stand up thing no worries!

Anyway! Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate the huge crowds of people also wanting to go. We stayed as long as we could, whilst baring the cold. I  noticed that women really do sacrifice themselves to look good despite the weather wanting to turn them into human shaped ice sculptures. Whilst the guys try hard to look, well hard for the ladies. When in actual fact all they wanna do is be at home with a nice mug of Horlics looking out for their friends on Crimewatch. In the end we decided to head out else where whilst the night was young. So where do you go on a Sunday evening dressed to impress in the blistering cold?

That’s right! You go out for an ice cold milkshake! This is a great place to go if you want to get fat easy! I recommend the Cherry Bakewell Milkshake! Good stuff! The place is called(as if it wasn’t apprant enough from the above picture) Tinsel Town. Check it out:

Speaking of dressed to impress, I must talk about my trainers I recently got on a trip to New York. I love them so much, that I’m actually reluctant to wear them on the filthy streets of London. My friend doesn’t seem that impressed with them, however I think this is some sort of lie as it is not possible to dislike my trailers. Here is a picture of said trainers:

Now I know what you’re thinking “Your friend is an idiot!” Well that could be true, however maybe they are so awesome that it has blown her mind into a state of confusion? Who knows? I remember when I was on the train, I noticed an old lady looking at my trainers, then I noticed that she nodded her head in approval. Good times.


Well that’s the best I can do for now. Don’t stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. In fact by reading this, you’ve already gone against the whole concept in which this blog was set up for in the first place!



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  1. Geisha says:

    It’s a little worrying that you keep them trainers (as awesome as they may be) on your bed though!! Are you sure you haven’t developed any unhealthy emotions towards them? 😉

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